The team

Hion design was founded in 2014 – focusing mainly on architecture, interior design and visualization. In recent years our services extended and now we deliver solutions from the early stages to the realization of the project.

We are a brother and sister team and we got our Master’s degree in Architecture and Engineering in a few years’ apart then gained distinct experience in various architecture studios. During this time we had opportunity to learn our profession in depth and to find the most suitable balance for the scope of our duties regarding our personality and talent.

By now we united our experiences and diverse way of thinking, so the engineer’s precision is well extended with intuitive and creative sensitivity. Thus the innovative design can be both sustainable and supported by skill. Our diverse approach come from the same roots, so our team can find the common voice with all clients to provide uniquely personalized design and solutions.


We are designers. We design things. It could be a building, interior space, furniture, item for personal use, design documentation, brochure or software. The design objective is the final product that is interacting with the user. According to this it has to correspond to a rather complex array that is the matrix of the expected functionality, professional specifications, marketing objectives and aesthetics.

Whenever we compile a design documentation, brochure, create 3D renderings, design furniture, we do it by these guidelines. The end-product must be usable, professional, marketable and last but not least aesthetically pleasing, so the client would get a product that is unique and suits the expectations.

The way we work

For us the process of design always starts with consulting the end-user, and never stops with handing over the quite detailed documentation. The product is not the paper, nor the finished building, interior space, object or picture, but the experience this product provides.

A real designer never can be one-sided – especially not in the current environment which is greatly influenced by interactive media. One cannot act neutral to the physical and virtual tools surrounding us and interacting with us. We choose to take part. Moreover one must listen to the intuitions, trust one’s emphatic skills to understand and achieve the client’s brief. Our team uses all kind of disciplines to create the wished product.


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